Bingo Strategy

It is impossible to predict the numbers that will come out. The course of a bingo game is done randomly. Also, you won’t have to train indefinitely to become a bingo professional. However, you are free to take advantage of certain tips intended to maximize your chances of victory. For example, the more bingo cards you buy, the higher your chances of winning a winning combination. You can also play during off-peak hours to limit competition. If you are playing online, we strongly recommend that you use the chat function to keep yourself informed of any prizes.

The Winning Combinations In Online Bingo

There are many ways to win online bingo. The most common winning combinations are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even full lines (all the boxes on the grid must be checked). There are also more elaborate patterns, including the 4 corners, the sign, an arrow, a cross, a letter of the alphabet … It almost seems like online bingo sites compete in imagination to win the prize creativity. In addition, a player may well win two different prizes by successfully obtaining two winning combinations. There are even special bingo cards where the grids are interdependent.

Bingo Jackpots

In addition to the regular winnings, online games offer different types of jackpots, including progressive jackpots. These can quickly reach a pretty sum. It is not uncommon to see prices of € 10,000 going like hotcakes. Some jackpots are sometimes even better provided. Make sure your online casino offers you the chance to compete for a progressive jackpot!

Chat Rooms For Online Bingo

These are the chat rooms that make bingo so special. The players applaud and congratulate themselves. All of this contributes to creating an atmosphere that is both friendly and friendly. Difficult to miss such an engaging social dimension! The chat will also allow you to take advantage of certain exclusive prices. In addition, your numbers may be ticked automatically if you activate the functionality. This will allow you to chat with other online bingo aficionados while the game continues.

Play Online Bingo Now!

The popularity of online bingo has grown considerably in recent years. The online version of this classic game offers many advantages over its conventional version. Online bingo is simple, fast, and convenient. It is also a game that promotes socialization. The discussion spaces will allow you to chat with other players. Many players appreciate bingo for their friendliness. If you want to get the most out of the amount of money you have invested, make sure you know the rules of bingo at your fingertips. In addition, also take the time to familiarize yourself with our strategic advice. With this theoretical knowledge, it’s up to you to put it into practice in one of our online casinos!…

How To Play Keno?

Particularly appreciated for its highly entertaining nature and the size of its jackpots, keno shines through the simplicity of its rules and the almost absence of approach strategy. Keno is played in most casinos around the world, where it works for many aficionados who have come to relax after a long day at work. Did keno spark your interest?

Keno In Land-Based Casinos

The keno could be defined as a lottery game. This game gives pride of place to the absolute chance. It is played using a cardboard box consisting of 80 numbers. If you have decided to play keno from a land-based casino, you have two options: live keno and video keno. Live keno is played using an old school machine where keno video is played on a touch screen. In both cases, you will be required to check numbers using a pencil (in live keno) or by tapping the screen (in keno video).

Keno Online

On the other hand, online keno is played using a digital grid. Regardless of which variant you choose, the rules will work the same way. You will need to select multiple numbers on your grid and place a bet. Online keno is one of the results of the technological upheaval that has affected the gaming world for the past 30 years, leaving operators no choice but to transfer their services online. Fortunately, players who used to play keno in land-based casinos were not impacted by the digitization of their favorite game. In general, the rules have remained unchanged.

How To Complete A Keno Ticket?

If you have already experienced keno in a land-based casino and already know its rules at your fingertips, you will have already noticed that the general presentation of a keno ticket differs significantly from one casino to another. The majority of keno tickets have a grid of 80 numbers. You will have the option of checking between 1 and 20 during each round. If the world of keno is still a problem for you, we suggest you discover the differences between the various tickets to dispel your doubts.

  • Straight tickets – These are the most common keno tickets. You will have to select a certain number of numbers in the grid, place a bet, and choose the number of heats you want to play.
  • Split tickets – Split tickets are similar to Straight tickets in all respects, except that they will allow you to place bets on multiple numbers. Once your bets have been placed for each batch of numbers, do not hesitate to draw dividing lines on your ticket to find your way around.
  • Way tickets – These will allow players to place multiple bets using the same keno ticket. This type of ticket will save you both time and money. After choosing your numbers, group them to form a batch. You will need to place a bet on each set of numbers. If you have made up 3 sets of numbers and wish to bet € 1 on each of them, each round will cost you € 3.
  • Combination Way tickets – This type of ticket will allow you to create batches of separate numbers. You will be able to combine these lots to place additional bets. Thus, if you have decided to form 3 batches of numbers (the first containing 4, the second containing 5 and the last containing 6), you will have the opportunity to combine them as you see fit. For example, by merging the first batch with the third, you will get a super-batch of 10 numbers.
  • King tickets – ‘King’ tickets are a bit like ‘Split’ tickets. If you make use of one of these tickets, you will have to choose a ‘King’ number which must be present in all the batches of numbers you have chosen. If this number goes out, you will receive a solid monetary compensation in return.