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Press Release

1.Within the scope of the second phase of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary campaign, our forces carried out extensive actions against the occupying Turkish army in Hakkari's Şemzînan (Şemdinli), Gever (Yüksekova) and Çelê (Çukurca) districts. In the actions of our forces which targeted four outposts in Şemzînan, a total of 21 enemy soldiers have been identified killed, including two village guards while one enemy soldier was killed in Bazid. The details of the actions are as following;

On November 2, 05.50 hours, our forces carried out an extensive action against the Çeman outpost in Şemzînan and its main entrance, the Begijne and Bêluta outposts. Our forces have struck the Çeman, Begijne and Bêluta outposts intensively with heavy weapons and carried out a raid action against the barracks at the main entrance of the Çeman outpost on three arms.

While our forces intensively struck the positions in the Çeman, Begijne and Bêluta outposts, Simultaneously our forces struck the positions raided the Çeman outpost's main entrance on three arms and infiltrated into the positions, striking the Turkish soldiers at their positions. The first action arm which raided the enemy's positions has destroyed all the positions while the soldiers at all positions have been killed.

The other two action arms at the main entrance of the outpost have intensively put under fire the armoured vehicles and positions. A cobra-type armoured vehicle and a civilian vehicle which was effectively struck has been destroyed. Four soldiers and two village guards inside these vehicles have been killed. Fires have also broken out in many of the positions put under intense fire. After hitting the positions, our action arms have approached the positions and destroyed them one by one.

The number of dead in all destroyed targets in this action where our forces conquered could not be determined, and in the positions, our forces went over, the bodies of 19 soldiers and two village guards were seen, where they captured 1 G-3 and one AK-47 weapon from the soldiers. Our forces, which raided the enemy's barracks, burned the barracks and withdrew after this action.

The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the Çeman, Begijne and Bêluta outposts which were neutralized with heavy weapons could not be determined.

In the extensive attack action where our comrades Elişer, Andok, Rojhat, Şaho and Stêrk fought sacrificially against enemy soldiers and inflicted heavy blows on the enemy, have reached martyrdom.

After the action, the occupying Turkish army has intensively bombed the area with warplanes, tanks, artillery shells and all the technique it has. We have had no losses in these bombardments, in contrary to the saying of the Turkish General Staff that we have had 54 losses. Our five comrades who fought sacrificially in the raid action have only reached martyrdom. The Turkish General Staff have said that they have had eight losses in this action, in which the enemy losses are more, and the AKP state has made efforts to shadow this magnificent action by making up the lie that it has inflicted our forces huge losses in the air attacks that it has developed to cover this comprehensive action and losses. It is clearly seen that the efforts of the AKP state, which has put the whole media in motion to overshadow the action, is in vain.

The ID information of our martyr comrades who fought heroically is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Andok Ertuş

Name- Surname: Ethem Dalga

Place of Birth: Hakkari

Mother's- Father's Name: Gule - Kerim

Date and Place of Martyrdom: November 2, 2017 / Hakkari

Andok – Ethem Dalga

Nom de Guerre: Elişêr Xoşmêr

Name- Surname: Ali İsazade

Place of Birth: Xoy

Mother's- Father's Name: Halime – Muhammed Emin

Date and Place of Martyrdom: November 2, 2017 / Hakkari

Elişêr – Ali İsazade

Nom de Guerre: Rojhat Erciş

Name- Surname: Özcan Işık

Place of Birth: Van

Mother's- Father's Name: Sevgül - Köroğlu

Date and Place of Martyrdom: November 2, 2017 / Hakkari

Rojhat – Özcan Işık

Nom de Guerre: Stêrk Gever

Name- Surname: Nazlı Alpdoğan

Place of Birth: Hakkari

Mother's- Father's Name: Emine - İdris

Date and Place of Martyrdom: November 2, 2017 / Hakkari

Stêrk – Nazlı Alpdoğan

Nom de Guerre: Şaho Germiyani

Name- Surname: Bırahim Ömer

Place of Birth: Kelar

Mother's- Father's Name: Nazire - Ömer

Date and Place of Martyrdom: November 2, 2017 / Hakkari

Şaho – İbrahim Ömer

Our forces targeted a Sikorsky-type helicopter that was trying to land on the Qale Perixan area of Gever on the 2nd of November at about 14.30 hours. Under fire, the Sikorsky has been forced to retreat from the area before set down. After the action, the invading forces bombed the areas of Qela Perixanê and Tepê Havar with howitzer shells.

On November 1, our forces put under fire a scoop vehicle carrying out road work at Tepê Ba, near Koordine Hill in Çelê at 15.30. The vehicle that was hit effectively was destroyed. The number of dead and injured soldiers in the action was not determined.

2. The occupation Turkish army is for some time making walls on the Iranian border with Glidag in the Bazid (Dogubeyazit) district of Ağrı. Our forces targeted in the vicinity of Tujik police station in Bazid, a scoop vehicle belonging to the invader forces in the morning on 3 November. The targeted scoop was destroyed and one enemy soldier was killed. Following the action, the invading Turkish army, which launched an operation in the area, entered the area with a large number of armoured vehicles and ambulances. Our action unit has reached its base areas firmly.


November 3, 2017

HPG Press Centre